Thursday, August 29, 2013

Druden- "Druden" self titled.

Drude is the word for a mythological kind of witch out of German folklore who could create nightmares and demons. Drudes were said to be born 1 out of 7 daughters of a particular family and entered their victims house at night to cast their Drudenfluch (Drude's Curse) on a sleeping victim. Legends tell that they were shape-shifters and cast wind spells which could only be fought off by a magical item called the Drude knife. Their most reported form was a fat woman sitting on their victim's chest at night. 

I'm not sure if Druden named their band after all this, but it would be a shame if they didn't. Enjoy the music!

Alcest- "Ecailles De Lune"

[Click play for full album]

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BBB: Cannot WAIT to see this and the others of Sportsfriends, out this Autumn...

Somewhere between Smash Bros and a volleyball competition is local multiplayer Barabariball, a 2013 release by Noah Sasso. BBB will release in a 3 games-in-one package called Sportsfriends for PS3 this fall, then for PC/Mac right after. I watched all of the game's trailers and am most impressed with BBB. Not only are the game's aesthetics looking great, but gameplay looks really fun. Movement reminds me of the obvious, Smash Bros but with a hint of Super House of Dead Ninjas. Floaty and brutal.

I'll keep my eyes glued to Steam until it's release for betas or demos.
Check this gameplay!