Friday, October 25, 2013



River City Ransom Underground looks superb.

[The way sweeter Japanese game box to the original]

That's right kiddies, legendary RPG/Beat-em-up plat former "River City Ransom" is getting an OFFICIAL supercharged makeover thanks to the neoclassic pioneers, Conatus Creative. 

Conatus's lead designer, Bannon Rudis teams up with gaming OG Yoshihisa Kishimoto to bring this epic NES classic back to life via Kickstarter. Rudis promises modern controls and smoother gameplay as well as new playable characters, a more interactive map and some very interesting, specialized combos/attributes for his new army of Techno-street-warriors. Alex and Ryan aren't the only ones charged with beating the snot out of everyone in River City anymore.

Currently the team is wrapping on pre-production so get over to their website and donate what you can to help them release this game as soon as possible. Also, check out the [PLAY HERE] link below for the original RCR and kick some asses in the meantime.