Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dethlands BUMMER

Personally, I found "Dethlands" to be a complete embodiment of what we here at Wicked Basement strive for... Metal, monsters, 8bit, violence, and occultish horrors... However, production has halted after the head programmer deserted the team and there will be no further advancement post alpha. It's a lucky thing we at LEAST have the alpha though, check it out in the link below...

---Commentary by Ryan Barett, Dethlands creator---

Download the Alpha :(

16bit Cyberpunkage... Axiom Verge.

ESA looks so good, it hurts!

Like a game out of Giger's dream-catalogue, ESA explores the realm of a failed terreform project suddenly sending distress signals after years of being shut down. Explore developer Hempuli's world as a mech, searching for answers as to what happened to the "bio-dome" and enjoy some excellent pixel art in the process. The game is not out yet, but is very close to being finished. Follow the developers blog HERE and keep up with us on a release date!