Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Epic Yes. What a show.

[Gorgoroth live @ Wacken 2008]

Music spotlight: Miami Nights 1984

Seductively dark, heavy synth mixes with arid dance beats to create a soundscape right out of the techno-pop era of American scifi known only as the 80's. Similar to Kavinsky or Cliff Martinez's score work. Especially good for playing Contra. 

Kong Off 3 is coming!

So if you haven't seen "King of Kong", the documentary about Twin Galaxies' original Donkey Kong competition and the nutty characters which qualify as the DK competitive circuit, buckle up.
This November, the top DK players from around the world will convene in Denver, CO for what some would call an imminent threat of a Donkey Kong kill screen. 
"The Kong Off 3 will feature 22 machines for gameplay. The Top 12 Twin Galaxiesranked players, as of 10/25/13 will have their own dedicated machine for gameplay beginning on Saturday. Machine selection for the top ranked players will take place at 5pm, Friday November 15th." 
No word on whether or not games will be streaming live, but you can bet your asses that The Basement will have it up if they do. 

And now a film for those completely in the dark...
[King of Kong- Part 1]

[King of Kong- Part 2]

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


[Woods of Desolation- "Torn Beyond Reason" Full]

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lol and awesome.

Some rare footage of Immortal on a 1994 tour in Germany titled "Fuck Christ"
I love the internet.

[Immortal- "Pure Holocaust"]
[Immortal- "Unsilent Storms In The Northern Abyss"]

Super Smash Land

Trying to get this on Mac, unavailable so far. Looks pretty sweet though.

HACK: Rockman II: No Constancy

Hack weekend continues with Rockman II: No Constancy.

This game is excruciatingly hard. Made in 2007 by IKA, this hack features all the original sprites with some tweaks, and revises MM2 for those of us who have beat it time and time again. Boss attacks are different, levels are rebuilt/recolored and (unfortunately...) you are still left without a charge up. It's a challenge, but fun all the same. Check out the walkthrough vid, start with Bubble Man and play on!

HACKS: Donkey Kong 2 makes me want to throw stuff. Barrels mostly..

I think this hack came out on Newgrounds in 2008, and ever since then I have really liked it. The new elements to Mario's playability (fence climbing n' such) have me pretty much spellbound by this newer, some would say more challenging take on Donkey Kong classic. There are SO many shitty hacked classics out there, it is really nice to see a good one. Not much of an explanation needed for the gameplay of DK2, just move with your arrows and jump with space. I prefer to use a midi-gamepad for this game because the space bar jump can be a little touchy. Nothing more frustrating than getting to the top and then having Mario decide to jump right the fuck off.

Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone is interested...

Anxiously awaiting the Samurai Gunn release!

Local multiplayers have reserved their space in everyone's hearts. Hours spent on games like Contra, Battletoads, TMNT Arcade and even later into the Goldfinger era were always joyous. A game has been in the works for a few years now by the artist and indie gamer Beau Blyth (aka Teknopants) which takes notes from these old locals and packages it in a fun, simple shootout which will no doubt debut in the Basement when they finally release it.

Players of Samurai Gunn are given a sword and (you guessed it) a gun with three bullets per life. Careful, speedy slicing and lightning fast blocking can win you a round, hacking away at your environment (bamboo forests, blocks, etc) will reveal new platforms from which to attack. From the reviews I have read, players begin in a fury and by the end of their time with SG develop a quiet, methodical way of sneaking up on their prey. In true appreciation of Samurai melee.

Nothing out yet, but check out some vids and Teknopants' site