Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Before they became the chiptune band now known as Infinity Shred, they were Starscream.
A duo whose mix of live percussion and gameboy riffs would launch me into an invisible light saber
swinging frenzy in the solitude of my bedroom. My two favorite tracks titled "Years One-four" and the followup "Years Five-Eight" say something to me about immensity and eternity I can barely describe without crumpling at it's grandeur, and I would tho this isn't a Bawwww thread so I digress. Starscream's music is becoming increasingly hard to find now that they have moved on with their current moniker. 
Check out Starscream's "Future and it doesn't work", "Years 5-8*", and  "Gravity in terms of time and space". Just WICKED.
-Voyager 1

Future and it doesn't work
Years 5-8

Gravity in terms of time and space

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