Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hyper Light Drifter is melting my brain...

A nightmarish, futuristic, magnificently artistic, completely immersive dungeon crawl RPG/Platformer has made it through it's KickStarter phase and destroyed it's fund raising goal of $27,000 with a whopping $645,158.00. Fuck Yes.
Hyper Light Drifter is coming soon for PC/Mac/PS4/PS Vita/Wii U/Ouya and I am totally shitting my pants about it. Just watch this KickStarter trailer, WATCH IT:

"Drifters of this world are the collectors of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories. Our Drifter is haunted by an insatiable illness, traveling further into the lands of Buried Time, steeped in blood and treasure hoping to discover a way to quiet the vicious disease. Echoes of a dark and violent past from the dead eras resonate throughout and he can't help but listen."

I am aghast.

From what I can surmise, HLD will be a pretty serious game changer. The gameplay promises to be something like Diablo and A link to the past combined, featuring super quick combat, massive worlds to explore, frightening bosses, and highly intelligent enemies and NPC's.

The setting is superbly eerie, as creator and Lead Designer Alex Preston puts it,

"Visions for this game have been fluttering in my skull for ages; something dark and fantastic, with giant forests to navigate, huge floating structures to explore, deep crumbling ruins to loot, massive throngs of enemies to rend, and behemoths both flesh and mechanical to overcome. I want it all to be as beautiful as possible, forging color with the dark and eerie wastes and intimidating landscapes."

Preston works alongside Lead Programer, Beau Blyth aka "TeknoPants"(the genius behind Samurai Gunn) and Chiptune mastermind, Disasterpeace to create his dark and fantastic vision.

Wicked Basement donated some $$$ to their paypal and will be getting an advance copy in 2014. We will be positively obsessed with playing and reviewing this game so stay tuned for more, visit HLD's KickStarter and even Pre-Order through the Heart Machine website.
This is going to be such a wonderful melding of genres, a huge step forward for indie gaming. We anxiously await pressing play (and then B, many many times) <3

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