Friday, November 15, 2013

Holy Dhul Fiqar this game is good.

Rarely does a game make me drop everything I am doing, RUN into the next room, grab my USB controller, shout uncontrollably at my room mates to come sit down so that I can show them the most righteous new game I just found online. Rarely do they then go grab their laptops and creating a circle, we all play the same game on separate computers, laughing and shouting and longing for more…

Developer Will Blanton, who goes by 01010111 has created these rare occurrences. His game DhulFiqar (named after the mythical Islamic sword once wielded by the son of Mohammed, Ali) is a simple, yet extraordinarily nuanced experience which follows the likes of Ninja Gaiden and Super House of Dead Ninjas. Players glide through a mysterious board filled strange crab-like enemies that shoot projectiles when approached. This is immediately remedied by hacking through them with your legendary sword. Enemies give you experience points, and with them you purchase Health and/or attack upgrades. At first this game seems like a pretty straight-forward hack n' slash, but give it time and it becomes as technical as an old Samurai show down. Players will find that their initial instinct to blow through stages, cutting at their surroundings will only send them to a continue screen faster.

The only drawback to this game (and it is an extraordinarily heavy drawback) is that it is too damn short. After the first boss battle, the screen flashes and it is assumed that you have won. But….But….I got all the way up to Lvl. 9!!! I killed and killed to get ready for the white cloaked boss battle! I was there mannnn I was therrreee!!!

Alas, I have played it through a few times and yes, this is the end. Judging by it's release date ( a few weeks ago )I would say that this magnificent little jewel is still on it's way. We can only hope so, there is SO much potential here. Parrying moves, upgrades, bosses, enemies, this game could be limitless.
Wicked Basement gives the current version a 10/10
In love.

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