Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Splatterhouse cabinet at Ground Kontrol!

Portland is home to many great things. Ground Kontrol, a bar-cade located in the heart of downtown, is certainly one of them and this October they added a completely CUSTOM "SplatterHouse" cabinet to their floor. Wicked Basement stopped by and played this monster of a cab and it was just as badass as we imagined…

So if you haven't read our "Wanpaku Graffiti" post, SplatterHouse is a hack n' slash platformer that made parents shit bricks back in the ol' days due to the gory/violent content of the game. Released first in Japan in 1988, players don the "Terror Mask" and play as Rick, the kill-em-all badass with a golden heart. It's a typical "find your girlfriend after killing an assload of monsters" game, so we won't spend too much time on the plot. Just kill everything, alright?

First and foremost, hats off to the designer of this custom cabinet. Just look at that femur joystick, those eyeball buttons, the broken-wood panels! The control panel itself is made of a cushy foam, painted to bloody perfection so to give you that extra gross feeling. Genius. As with most great things, some amateur hour douche bags had already picked the "M" of of the Jump button and scratched into the flesh of the panel. These pics are from the week this cab was dropped! This is why we can't have nice things, kids. Cue, "Kill Em' All".

The game itself works great. One would think playing with an actual bone would hinder movement but it was actually really nice. The groove in the top of the femur locked my middle finger into play and it was a hack-fest from then on. As I was playing, a line began to form behind me, half spectators, half players-to-be. It was a great experience all around. A game over would occur and the next person would pony up a quarter to finish where you left off. The line became one long play to the end, magical.

So hats off to Ground Kontrol for this great new addition. Word is, they have just added a Black Tiger machine, so I am sure we will be checking it out this week. 
Play the game here online and if you live in Portland, be sure to stop in and throw some quarters into this beast!

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