Thursday, March 27, 2014

Super Bat Puncher

Super Bat Puncher is a sidescrolling 8bit game which blends the happy-go-lucky elements of Kirby and Kid Icarus, with a bit of Cave Story's narrative for cuteness. Characters begin as a boxing-glove wielding cat who accepts a quest to help his canary friend, Sir Loin, find a few lost spirits. Players can be both the cat OR Sir Loin once P1 accepts the mission. It becomes an option to play with a friend and P2 can log in at any time. Most of the first stage is spent getting your bearings, punching bats (hence the name), and navigating the maze-like cave through a host of non-threatening enemies.

As players make their way through the cave, new bouncy surfaces reveal a certain few challenges, character upgrades are available through the treasure chests along the way, then a VERY easy boss battle releases one of the spirits mentioned earlier after victory. Gleeful chip music playing throughout, Super Bat Puncher is definitely one of the cutest games I have played in the neo-retro genre, but the actual challenge of the game is a little lacking. After acquiring the barrel roll skill, I found myself wanting more action that wasn't map/navigation based. Harder enemies, possibly mini-bosses could have helped this... Other than that I really enjoyed playing Super Bat Punch, even given that it was a short demo. I hope to see more from this developer and watch this game grow :)


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