Friday, July 12, 2013

Megaman IV controversy

With the advent of the Megabuster in Megaman IV, Megaman games got a whole lot cooler. It completely revolutionized Megaman gameplay. What a lot of people don't know is that the idea of a chargeable megabuster came from an earlier game with zero market appeal called "The Krion Conquest". Krion was a poorly made, pseudo-Wizard-of-Oz, Japanese platformer which stole a lot of it's design from Megaman games in the first place. Yes, right on down to the sprites. In the game you play a few different colored witches, shooting enemies and making your way to the boss. The differences here are upward shooting, ducking and the golden calf: charging up your shot. This game emerged in 1991, then MMIV in December of that same year. Since Krion went literally nowhere (stayed on the store shelves, really.) and Megaman exploded into an even more powerful franchise, one has to wonder how many people on that developing team were kicking themselves for attempting a copy, then BEING copied by the original game they were attempting to copy... Wtf, right? In any case, I submit BOTH games in hopes that this interesting story survives.
Enjoy the games!

[Play Megaman 4]

There was a hack made which combines these two games into one magically mutated material leftover of this age-old conflict: MAGICAL ROCKMAN.
[Play this abomination HERE]

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