Friday, July 12, 2013

Prince HarWHO? Yes, there is a Mario anime full length...

[Prince Haru, before Nintendo told him to get fucking lost]

Yeah, that's right. I am going here. Princess Toadstool was engaged to this dude(ish) named Prince Haru and he made ONE appearance within the franchise, then disappeared forever. He was apparently the Prince of "Flower Kingdom" and was probably offed in his sleep by one of Mario's cousins. Who knows.
 "Super Mario Brothers: Mission to save Princess Peach!" is a gem for many reasons. Obviously Prince Haru's surprise intervention is a shocker, but stuff like Luigi dressing and acting like Wario the entire movie, the horrific Japanese musical numbers, and the casual cursing from all parties is enough to merit some lols. The whole thing is pretty much just ridiculous from start to finish, but worth the watch. Dust this one off and press play...

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