Monday, August 12, 2013

Miami had ONE good thing going for it... Slashpine.

Miami, Florida. Home to moronic fads like YOLO, the Corona sunken Margarita, and the tow truck reality show. Yes, it is the south's version of Vegas which they keep under the old rickety, bug infested, mold covered staircase called Florida. HOWEVER... From out of the dank, venom-soaked swamp, a band emerged that blew the roof off of any venue they played. Slashpine was an American BM diamond in the rough which kept music nights alive when I (unfortunately) lived in Florida. They were a band that left people with their jaws on the floor and put up a well needed "wall of sound" in a city with nothing but House. Enjoy their 7" and then graduate to some of the new stuff. Unfortunately, they are no longer a band.

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