Saturday, August 17, 2013


Say what you will about Megaman V, the fact that they KEPT the chargeable buster from IV tells you that these developers knew gold when they hatched it....saw it...prospected it? Anyway, I was playing MMV and realized that this game has probably the worst password system of any of the original MM games. Scrambling around to find a piece of paper so that I can mistakenly write Red A3 when I meant to write Blue A3, thereby forfeiting my 3 hours of gameplay dedicated to DESTROYING Chargeman and his stupid level that lasts forever, is something I want to get over in 2013. 

I got to searching and found a password generator so that if it has been a few years, you want to start where you left off in 96', or you just don't want to shit your pants trying to find a receipt to write passwords on, you are covered.

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