Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Abadox: The Deadly Inner War

It's halloween time! And that means Wicked Basement will be releasing games that reflect an even more spooky kind of sensibility. First on the list is side-scrolling shoot-em-up gross out game, Abadox: The Deadly Inner War, where players star as a lil' cosmonaut fighting his way through the disgusting innards of an alien species. 

The game starts you off with the worst weapon possible, but then after a few kills a few power-ups are available. Shields, sprayers, machine guns, all a part of the later portions, all of which you will desperately need to beat this game. The term "Nintendo Hard" has been used to describe this sinister sick-out-fest, but I would rank this 7/10 for overall hardness. Granted some of the restarts are bogus, only three lives are granted to you, and enemies fly at you in an almost unfair fashion, Abadox still maintains a fun learning curb that takes on an heir of NES supremacy. Sort of like how you felt after beating Dragon Quest before all of your friends. You had made it. Pro level shit.

So get ready for an epic battle from the disgustingly classical cannon (or the classically disgusting…?). Warm up the thumbs, order some take-out, be ready to throw your controller across the room. It's Abadox!

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