Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lakeview Cabin: Horror, Slapstick, 8-bit.

So I was a little dubious of Lakeview Cabin, given that every review site on the web gave it rave reviews and said things like "BLENDS HORROR AND COMEDY PERFECTLY". I thought, could this little flash game really deliver such a claim? The answer is, Yeah I guess so.

Finnish indie developer Roope Tamminen, who brought us games like Barbarium (which I love), Hallucivian, and Quantum Corps has created a fun little puzzle game for the demented, Room 237 fans in all of us. You start out as a red-headed vacationer, locked on an island with a few items at your disposal. The object of the game is to use these items to summon the physical form of a ghost who is creepily haunting your lake-view get away, then chop her into bits and destroy the curse. 

Along the way are funny little functions like drinking beer, getting naked, or being caught in a bees nest. I'm not sure this qualifies as blending comedy and horror "PERFECTLY" but it was pretty funny. After your first random encounter with the freaky ghost lady, you should be able to summon her on command with the key "O". This will start up her ghoulish music and you better have a plan in line because she will kill you. Before getting too into the objective though, look around the island, smash boxes and check out some of the sights (binocular view of the left side of the island is a good one ;] ) for some funny easter eggs along the way. All in all this game is a cute, fun time waster. One can't help but laugh and then feel empowered when you figure out a new item or finally kill that bitch in the lake.
One thing that kept me on a consistent groan though, was the key issue. Let me just spoiler alert here a bit: You don't need the key in the bathroom but it unlocks some useful stuff in the shed. Take a log, throw it into the outhouse, chop it in the outhouse, the key will fall down. Okay that's all we're giving you. Play it below!

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