Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anxiously awaiting the Samurai Gunn release!

Local multiplayers have reserved their space in everyone's hearts. Hours spent on games like Contra, Battletoads, TMNT Arcade and even later into the Goldfinger era were always joyous. A game has been in the works for a few years now by the artist and indie gamer Beau Blyth (aka Teknopants) which takes notes from these old locals and packages it in a fun, simple shootout which will no doubt debut in the Basement when they finally release it.

Players of Samurai Gunn are given a sword and (you guessed it) a gun with three bullets per life. Careful, speedy slicing and lightning fast blocking can win you a round, hacking away at your environment (bamboo forests, blocks, etc) will reveal new platforms from which to attack. From the reviews I have read, players begin in a fury and by the end of their time with SG develop a quiet, methodical way of sneaking up on their prey. In true appreciation of Samurai melee.

Nothing out yet, but check out some vids and Teknopants' site

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