Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kong Off 3 is coming!

So if you haven't seen "King of Kong", the documentary about Twin Galaxies' original Donkey Kong competition and the nutty characters which qualify as the DK competitive circuit, buckle up.
This November, the top DK players from around the world will convene in Denver, CO for what some would call an imminent threat of a Donkey Kong kill screen. 
"The Kong Off 3 will feature 22 machines for gameplay. The Top 12 Twin Galaxiesranked players, as of 10/25/13 will have their own dedicated machine for gameplay beginning on Saturday. Machine selection for the top ranked players will take place at 5pm, Friday November 15th." 
No word on whether or not games will be streaming live, but you can bet your asses that The Basement will have it up if they do. 

And now a film for those completely in the dark...
[King of Kong- Part 1]

[King of Kong- Part 2]

[Follow Youtube links for the rest]

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